Feeling Peevish?  

Written by: Yaya

Something that can help people socialize is finding a common ground. Pet peeves is one type of character trait that most people share. Some may be bothered by the same things while others are not, and yet it can still be a good topic to strike up conversations with or maybe break the ice with. Do you mind if I share some of my obsessive compulsive behaviors with you, I mean my pet peeves?
My top 5 pet peeves
(These are not listed in no particular order) 

1. It’s the morning after a long night of partying and you are regretting the tacos you ate, when all of sudden you have the urge to poo so bad and you rush to use the lavatory. After releasing the demons, you notice that there’s no toilet paper, the roll is there but there’s no paper on it!!! Now, there are other people that live with you, that use the same lavatory because it’s the only one in the house, so one of them must’ve had the opportunity to put a new roll on, but instead they didn’t because he or she is just a selfish lazy ass!! Now you gotta go and reach for some toilet paper with your soiled ass! Change the toilet paper roll!!! 

2. Ugh, finally the weekend is here and it’s time for some cereal and Saturday morning cartoons! You grab a box of Fruit Loops, but there aren’t any actual loops left, just some crumbs and sugary powder. So you stop and ponder…. “Why is this cereal box there if it’s empty? Is this some joke or prank?” No it’s just the work of that same selfish lazy ass that you live with! Throw the empty cereal box away!! BTW This also applies to drinks in the refrigerator. Drink it till it’s gone, don’t leave a drop of soda. What am I a mouse? What the hell am I going to do with a drop of soda? OK moving on. 

3. I don’t know about you guys, but can you tell when someone’s been in the kitchen without actually seeing them there? Some individuals like to leave clues behind like they’re playing some sort of guessing game. I am talking about leaving cupboards open and/or drawers open. There’s one person that lives in my household that always does this and I can actually guess what he did in the kitchen by looking at all the doors and drawers he left open. Pet peeve number three, don’t leave the cabinet doors open. 

4. Boundaries can be a big deal for some individuals. For example, you have some men that cannot stand for their date or girlfriend to take food off their plates or just sharing food period. However for me, you have crossed the line when you take something that’s mine and obviously not yours. For example, let’s say it’s been a tough week and I decide to treat myself to an almond Hershey bar (my fav), but I put it away in the fridge because it started to melt on the way home. Here comes that selfish lazy ass and devours my candy bar! Now I know it doesn’t have my name on it but c’mon you know that it isn’t yours, you didn’t buy it so obviously it belongs to someone else so why would you take it! It really shouldn’t get to the point where you have to hide your goodies and if it does maybe it’s time for a boundaries intervention. In summary, if you don’t know who it belongs to don’t touch it. 

5. In slang terminology we have a saying, “don’t half ass it.” in other words if you’re going to do something you go all the way, you try your best to finish with an epic finally. This saying can apply to almost anything really, a test, cleaning, a soda can. A soda can? Why yes, introducing the last pet peeve on my list half drunken cans. The other day I was cleaning up after a party and I swear I found more than 15 cans of soda that were either half way gone or almost full. Can someone please explain why people do this?? What, you tasted it and realized it was soda so you changed your mind? Or maybe you just enjoy half assin it. I don’t know, but if I invite you to one of my parties you’re not getting away with that crap.

Well there you go ladies and gentlemen, my annoying pet peeves. Now, I have shared some very personal thoughts here, but now I would like to know what are your pet peeves. 

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