Things have really taken a turn for the worse. How long does it take to find a new job? Yes, Jamie is now settling for a job. At this point any money is better than no money. Tomorrow makes 2 months since Jamie has been on the prowl and nothing. She gave her resume a makeover several times, has taken online assessments to show off her skills, spending relentless hours on indeed and other job sites, and she’s done a few interviews, but I don’t know. She must be doing something wrong and worst of all, Jamie has never had a problem finding work. It’s difficult for her to admit failure and ask for advice. On the other hand, it looks like she may be in the final grievance stage; acceptance. Finally accepting defeat and IIWII (it is what it is). OR is Jaime just giving up?

Jamie decided to check in with a friend “Lailani”, previous co worker from the same organization. Even though she hasn’t lost her job YET, she fears that she may be losing her dignity instead. See after Jamie was let go, they decided they needed to dump some of the workload on someone else. Unfortunately, Lailani was next up in seniority and they decided to take advantage of it. However, it was only a disadvantage to Lailani. She was demoted, but given more responsibilities at the same time!!! WTF. How does that make any sense? It didn’t make any sense to her either, but she needs the money. Yes, she’s still with them, at least until she finds another job. She’s a better woman than me and many of us out there, she’s always been. One of the reasons why Jamie hired her in the first place, but she’s not dumb either. Lailani says, “If it gets ugly I will leave them in a heartbeat”, and we don’t blame her. Jamie feels somewhat responsible for the position that Lailani is in right now. She would always motivate her to go the extra mile and do more for less, because she was confident that the rewards would come later on and that it would all be worth it. Now Jamie’s gone and Lailani is still there. Which one is worse? It’s hard to tell, but they’re both examples of tyranny just from different perspectives. They are both victims of poor non-profit management and they are both paying the price for someone else’s blunders.

Jamie and her family are currently in economic troubled straits and have made the decision to start over elsewhere. By the end of the year they will be living in another state. As for Lailani, she has a few possibilities lined up. As long as she plays her cards right she will be okay.

Coincidentally, as we were working on this piece 😀 Jamie received a call from a weird number and she didn’t answer it. Then they called again, but this time she answered. And good thing she did, because it was a very promising work opportunity LOL. I’m laughing because that’s how life works out sometimes. Just when you decide to throw in the towel, a glimpse of hope shines through and it completely changes your day. Doesn’t it?

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