J.O.B–Just Over Broke

Hey everyone! It’s been a month now since Jamie was laid off and on the new job hunt. Let me tell you that it has been a roller-coaster of emotions and decision making. Not too many soon to be 40 year old’s are spending their time worrying about their careers. Jamie should be professionally settled and enjoying happy hours and slime-making crafts with her kids. And while she’s a little thankful for all the new free time she has now, after a month you begin to question yourself and what is wrong with me?? You look over your resume a thousand times, tweak it, apply to jobs that are not in your usual radar, and that’s just work related. Then you start to question the decisions you’ve made up to this point and if there’s anything different you need to do, like go back to school or just be your own boss. It can really take a toll on you and that’s why it’s important that we check in every once in a while on Jamie.

Jamie has actually made some progress…..networking has somewhat paid off. After she turned in her resume to her friend, her friend’s supervisor did reach out and gave her some information about an opening. However, the job just wasn’t what Jamie was hoping for. First, it paid a lot less than what she was making and it she would be working from home. Instead, it was actually 45 minutes to an hour distant. No, Jamie is not being a spoil brat, she is simple looking for a commitment because she is tired of the moving from one company to another crap. It may be worth being late on some bills just to ensure a forever career. I don’t know, is that the right move? Tell me what you think, we need a different perspective on this. Okay moving on….let’s see what else happened with Jamie, oh yes! She had a pre-interview or screening, whatever you want to call it, with (we will call it A-B-C) company. So far, this one sounds like the one, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. The pay and benefits are descent and there’s room for growth, but its not really the ONE. See, Jamie is looking for a career not a J.O.B (Just Over Broke). With that in mind, there’s a certain position with (we will call this one D-E-F) company that she applied for and it sounds like everything she has been wanting. It practically checks off all the boxes on her checklist, but it may take some time before she hears anything back. “Good things come to those who wait” or do they?


Considering that Jamie meets all the requirements and passes all the interviews with A-B-C, should she accept the J.O.B with them and quit later on if she gets an offer from D-E-F?


Should Jamie not accept the J.O.B and wait to hear back from D-E-F instead? What if she never hears back from D-E-F and misses out on a possibility of making enough money to get things back on track for her family?? What about ethics?

My Boss Broke Up with Me

After the Break Up

Tuesday 9.am. my alarm goes off. Time to schedule today’s food donation pick-up and deliveries. I love my job! Doesn’t even feel like a job because of many different reasons. For one, I get to go straight to work in my PJ’s; after brushing my teeth and preparing my much needed cup of java. Plus, I get to feed the homeless and less privileged from the comfort of my home. PJ’s and giving back to my community, it just doesn’t get better that this. Lunchtime comes around, better get ready for my mid-day phone call with my boss who I love dearly and would never want to work for anyone else type of love. “You have been logged off from all of your accounts” is the message I see on my laptop screen as I am preparing for my meeting, hmmmm this is weird. Have we been compromised/ Hacked? No worries, I will just log back in, “Your password has been changed” huh, WTF is going on? I haven’t changed my password!! I have been bamboozled is what the fuck is going on. My passwords were all changed because my position no longer exists due to lack of funding. If you’ve ever worked for a non-profit, then you’re probably very familiar with this situation. I didn’t even get a heads up, it was just slam bam thank you ma’am. Now after a year and a half, I am back in the job searching scene. Aww yes to be 39 years-old with a family and bills and plans and jobless. What am I going to do? PANIC!!!!!!

After a couple of glasses of wine, I think to myself might as well write about it and make this job searching adventure into a blog. Maybe I can help someone out there. or someone can help me. So what is my first step after being laid off from a company that I had put my heart and soul into?

  • Cry and then cry some more, until I finally get a grip and think about what my options are for bringing money into the household ASAP, because at the end of the day, I may have stopped working, but life doesn’t stop.
  • Next, apply for unemployment. Why? because it’s going to take sometime before I find another career and most likely I will qualify for some cash since I got laid off. Of course it’s not going to be anything close to what I was making, but some cash is better than none.
  • I also may qualify for some government assistance like Food Stamps let’s check that out. HMMMM according to the state website I might qualify, let me complete this application. 2 hours later….wow I think I have become a professional application completer if that’s such a thing.
  • While I impatiently wait a few weeks for denial or acceptance letters from the government I will sign-up with some job seeking sites like INDEED and do some networking. I will put out some feelers to some of the professional connections I have made over time.

I imagine that I may have done everything I can for now. Stay tuned for updates on my job search and if anything I have done thus far has actually helped. In the meantime, I would love to hear what tips or recommendations you may have. Tell me if you’ve ever been in a similar situation and how you handled it.

It may be difficult to see the positives from losing a job at first, but I must admit that there are a few things I have learned. I am now on day three post lay off and have discovered that if I plan for working for another non-profit in the future, there are certain things I should know about them before accepting a position. This actually may apply with any type of employer really. You know at that point of the interview where they ask you, “the interviewee”, if you have any questions….well say yes. Ask as many questions as possible. Find out how long have they been in business for? Is the position dependent upon some form of grant or financial support? Did this position exist before and what happened with the previous employee? Had I asked some of these questions before, I may not be in the predicament I am in now. Then again is there any job or career that is 100% secure?

Things to Consider Before Clicking the Orange Button

  • Job Jargon Gibberish: Do you understand the qualifications for the position? Not all job postings are created by the actual company that you will be working for. Some companies outsource the task of recruiting to outside resources such as temporary job agencies or online job boards (Greenberg, 2013). They have individuals who are hired specifically to create job posts based off of some summary that was provided by the company. Many times these job listings include jargon that can just sound like a bunch of gibberish, therefore you should take your time to decipher what exactly is it that the company is looking for. You never know, what may at first appear like a job that only Jeff Bezos qualifies for, may actually be one that you are perfect for!
  • What do you know about the company? Remember Jamie? Yes, Jamie who developed a trust issue after being let go from her job. Jamie could have benefited from reading this article before accepting that position, if you know what I mean. If you are looking for a career or a long-term position with a company, then make sure you Google them or Glassdoor them. Glassdoor is a great website for researching any company. They provide you with good insight like real employee reviews, salary information, and a lot more goodies. You want to make sure you are pursuing the right company. One you can trust and not one that give you the boot after a couple of years, for absolutely no good reason (poor Jamie) or due to lack of stability.
  • Too good to be true? Maybe. If you are having a hard time conducting your background research on a company, it could be because they are bogus. Job searching websites do their very best at ensuring that the employers using their services for recruiting are real and not fake, but they’re not perfect not even Indeed. Every now and then you will see a job posting offering an abnormally high salary for minimal duties and responsibilities. For example, “Looking for full-time cashier, no weekends, no late nights, no experience needed. Pay starting at $18/hr.” Yeah right! If you’ve done your homework, then you know that this is straight up fishy! When you feel your gut filling up with question marks as you read the job description, Do Not click the orange button. This can be some pretend company or just some scammer named Joe Doe, using a job post to hack you for your juicy information. I know it sounds crazy, but it happens to the best of us, so better to be safe than sorry.

Well then, there you have it. Some basic no no’s to remember when you are looking for that next exciting career. Trust your instincts, use logic, and when all else fails then network. That way if someone tries to lie to you in person you can just knock em’ out. LOL. Just kidding, you want to get a job not a cell mate. Keep in touch by subscribing below and find out how networking is working out for Jamie.