Indeed You Are Such A Tease

Tick Tock Tick Tock…’s scary how much time one can spend on the internet when you are looking for the one, the perfect match. No I am not talking about a girl or a boy or both. I think I’ve said this before, looking for work can take a toll on your mind and Jamie is being affected. In the past week, Jamie has spent countless hours staring at the screen on her purple laptop, trying to find her next employer, mostly on Indeed. Indeed can be a mind fuck. They send her all these alerts about new job openings and status updates on about 1/8 of the hundreds of applications she’s put in, which is fine. Its good to know what options are still out there and which applications actually made it to a human being. But these notifications can also be torture, especially this specific one; “DEF company looked at your resume and application.” Jamie was so thrilled to see that she may have a chance at the position she has been craving for, but is that really what that message means? What does it really mean when a company has reviewed your application on Indeed? NADA, NOTHING AT ALL! It’s just another one of those crappy traps to get you to visit a website so that they can earn a couple of cents in revenue. At least that’s how Jamie felt. Wouldn’t you think that if an employer takes a look at your application, that you would hear from them whether its a negative or positive? You would think they would have the decency of in-boxing you with an interview message or a “its not you its us” email. No, instead the days pass and you don’t hear anything else from DEF company. Instead you get feelings of anxiety and doubt, wondering why did they look at your resume? Why didn’t they say something after looking at it? Are they ever going to reach out? Who knows. Clicking the orange Apply Now button is like making another bet at a Texas Hold’em Poker tournament. It’s a gamble. However, just like the cards in your hands, Jamie knows what she’s working worth. Even though it feels like she’s never going to find the perfect match, she’s still confident in what she can offer as an employee and what she is capable of. I mean look at this mean ass cover letter she recently wrote:

Go-getter, organized, passionate, reliable, a leader; are some of the words that my previous supervisor would use to describe me as an employee. These can also be cliche words that many would use to describe themselves to hiring managers and recruiters, but I am not a cliche. I am different, I enjoy being different. Being different is what sets us apart from the bunch, it helps us grow and achieve great things.
From what I have learned, (Insert company name here) is different as well, and that’s why it was recognized by Google as the 3rd most searched (something) in 2018, and the most robust (something) database in February 2019. Coincidentally, I’ve also had my share of accomplishments that  I’d like to tell you more about. If you have some time, maybe we can schedule an opportunity to discuss our pasts, presents, and possibly how I can be a part of (Insert company name here)s future.

Need I say more…..

Intro to: Hispanic superstitions and myths

Hispanic Heritage Month Series

Let’s celebrate the upcoming Hispanic Heritage month, by blogging All Things Hispanic from now until the end of October. I will begin this special series with a little comedy and mind blowing facts. All cultures have their own superstitions or myths that some people believe in (to a certain point) as part of their traditions. These traditions then get passed down to generations after generations. Every now and then comes an asshole that’ll mess everything up by exposing the truths or fallacies behind these myths, yeah that’s me today. Your welcome.

  • Has your Hispanic friend ever screamed at you for leaving your purse or wallet on the floor? Some Hispanics, strongly believe in the superstition that you will lose money or face money troubles if you decide to plant your purse or wallet on the floor. Obviously we all know that isn’t true, but try to convince a truly traditional Hispanic otherwise and you’ll probably see a “chancleta” coming straight for you!
No pongas la cartera en el piso, que se te va todo el dinero!!!
  • That brings me to the terrifying “flying chancleta” satire, that some have recently discovered via social media or through your new Hispanic mother in law. However, this old school disciplinary tool, is not new at all. For many years now, Hispanic children have been threatened by or fallen victim to the flying flip flop. Huh? Many of you already know what I’m referring to and the ones that don’t, are probably making some close guesses by now. If you guessed that this exaggerated truth has to do with getting slapped by a flip flop, you are absolutely correct. Many of us as kids would get slapped by the chancleta whenever we misbehaved. It’s such a well known part of our upbringing, that social media decided to make it into a satirical comedy. But trust me there’s nothing funny about the “flying chancleta”. Whilst this doesn’t actually fall under the definition of a myth, the thought of a flying chancleta is.


  • Many homemade medical concoctions and remedies come from a long line of traditions. A common one among Hispanic homes is the use of Vicks Vapo-Rub. Vicks is a topical ointment that can be applied to the chest as a cough suppressant and to other parts of the body to relieve sore muscles and aches. According to many Abuelas (grandmothers), Vicks can cure a lot more than coughs and muscle aches. Many Hispanics believe that its a cure it all; headaches, flu, a broken heart, stomach aches, depression, menstrual cramps, whatever it is, Vicks can fix it. How true is this, nobody really knows or cares to find out because no one is going to tell Abuela that she is wrong. If you have a stomach ache and she tells you to rub this ointment on, you rub it on. But just in case, take some some stomach medicine when Abuela is not looking, because for all we know, this could just be another myth.

Now these are just the three most popular ones that came to my mind, but there are so many more…..

Don’t carry the scissors pointed towards yourself.

Don’t rock the rocking chair when no one is sitting on it.

Don’t put shoes on the bed.

Don’t sweep someone’s feet.

And the list goes on and on. If you want me to explain any of the ones mentioned above, leave me a comment and I will be glad to help.

What are some common superstitions or myths in your household? The funnier the better.